Saturday, January 31, 2009

Say bbye to Bush...

I find 'Marketing' very interesting.. a constant battle to be better than the other.. a perfect example of 'Alls fair in love and War' and in case you didn't know -- business is WAR!!

Its all about keeping your eyes, ears and nose (!) open all the time.. 'coz you never know when the next great marketing opportunity may strike. Who would have thought that President Bush leaving office presents an amazing one?? The ad above was a timely ad taken out by 'Veet' a famous hair removal brand, in Australia. Perfect timing and perfect placement!!

Say bubbuye to Bush!!


A wonderful solution to escape the traffic problem of Kolkata.. teach people magic so that they can travel on brooms and whiz by the honking cars!! I am not day dreaming -- this might soon be a reality.. with P.C Sorcar (Jr) and his daughter planning to open a school for magic in Kolkata.

For as long as I can recollect, I've wanted to learn magic... I've always been fascinated by David Blaine, Houddini and the likes. As a kid I believed that magic was for real. But as i grew up... I realised that most of the tricks were mere illusions are sleight of hand. I've done extensive research on the net on card tricks etc, and it has made me respect magicians even more 'coz if they had some special power with the help of which they performed the tricks it was ok... but these tricks actually involve a lot of practice and hard work. These people are ordinary people who work very hard and who have mastered every trick in the book.

For ages if somebody wanted to learn magic, he had to do it all by himself. This is a very good initiative to pass on centuries old wisdom. The employment opportunities for good magicians is endless too... from having their own TV shows, to performing in private parties, to opening another school :) Magic is magic... it has a charm like nothing else and is sure to attract a lot of people.

Indrajaal, the ancestral house of the Sorcaars will be used as a university to offer two year and five year courses. The university will be equipped with lighting and special effect facilities which are said to be the backbone of magic. Sorcaar has not yet decided whether he would be seeking any assisstance from the Govt, but has assured the public that his plans would definitely be a reality by July of this year.

So would you enroll yourself here or not? I sure dont mind...

And anyway.. after the Satyam fiasco, lotsa people are saying that MBAs = Masters of Trickery so I might as well...

So lets get started... "Sir, how did you make the Taj Mahal vanish?"...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Aiyyo Da...

Disclaimer: These are my personal views and I do not wish to hurt anybodys emotions or sentiments.

I am a punjabi ( whose family is originally from Pakistan, and all relatives are in Punjab) and I stayed all my life in Kolkata (West Bengal). I studied in the best of schools and had classmates of all religions from all backgrounds. I've had Keralites, Andhrites, Tamilians, Bengalis all as friends and never had a problem communicating with them. In fact, at different points of time in life, I've had a Keralite, an Andhrite and a Tamilian as my 'Best Friend' (and am still in touch with most of them). So when I got admision into a reputed B-School, in the south (in the foothills of the annamalai hills) I couldn't have been more excited. Ettimadai or 'Planet-E' as it is known, is almost heaven on earth... seems like God himself (forgive the male usage!) came down to create the 'Elephant Hill', the beautiful trees, the exquisite flora and fauna. It is an absolute treat to the eyes to have a walk in our campus... and I can proudly say that it must be one the the most beautiful and well maintained campuses in India!!!
But there was a lot of ugliness beneath all this beauty. The first day itself, our class was divided on the basis of language. For me this was a side of South Indians I had never seen -- a Tamil gang, a Mallu gang, and a Telegu gang. Of course there were a few of us who didn't fit in anywhere... the north Indians, but who cared. I questioned my decision of joining this college and remember thinking on the first day itself that two years would go by in a jiffy -- hopefully!!
I remembered my earlier south Indian friends, and thought that probably it wouldn't be so difficult to mix around with these people either. But what I found out was to the contrary. They love talking in their mother tongue... irrespective of whether somebody else understands it or not. All they care about is their own so called 'gang'.
What is hilarious is that the Tamilians, Mallus and Andhrites do not mix amongst themselves either!! If a member of one group, spends too much time with a member of another group, he has commited a cardinal sin!! For me it was initially very difficult to figure out who was a Keralite, who was a Tamilian etc. I realised that people are get very offended when you get their background wrong and even more offended when you mistake somebody from a different state to be from their state!! Pride, Arrogance, Ego.. whatever it is... these people just dont mix.
Their language is another big problem. I already know four languages and when I came here I thought I would definitely pick up one more atleast. But that was not to be. First of all, I cannot distinguish between Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam. Secondly, (and this may sound rude) I feel that they dont talk but just make 'noise' (and the fact that they love to shout while talking, doesnt make it any better!!). I feel that there are no words.. I've tried very hard to listen to them.. sometimes I feel that the language is very crude and not refined... 'coz as an outsider you feel that they are abusing each other!! I wonder that when we speak in hindi... do we also make 'noise'? Or does it sound more refined? I just hope it is the latter.
South Indian food will need a separate post.. but it would suffice to say for now that people here are happy eating their dosha, idli, sambhar, rasam, puttu -- day after day. Simple people they are and I do agree to that.. Very helpful and always wearing a smile on their face. Before coming to this place, I thought I could live anywhere... after coming here that belief has strengthened!!

P.S: I have been lucky though, that I did find some very good friends here too.. both south Indians as well as North Indians. What binds us all is the fact that we are Indians.. and future managers... wishing all my batchmates all the very best!!

Doctors are Chors...

'Doctors are chors, I dont need one' screamed one of my friends, when i advised her to see a gynae. Although this wasn't the first time I had heard something like this, it still surprised me. This girl had some very obvious hormonal problems, and was refusing to go to a doc juss 'coz she believed all docs to be 'mean money making agents'!!
This gave me some wonderful insights into our Indian mentality ( or is prevalent all over the world?). We Indians feel that we need to go to a doc, only if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary (read 'on the death bed'!!). Not only that, we then feel that we are doing a favour to the docs by going to them!! How hilarious is that?? But yes, most of us do feel that way... that we are doing them a favour... giving them business.
And the funniest thing of all... some people feel that docs know nothing, what can they possibly diagnose that grandmas and centuries old wisdom cannot cure!! What we forget is that, a MBBS degree takes 6 years to complete.. and even then you are considered just a general practitioner. In order to specialize, they need to study atleast 5-6 years more. Thats around 12 years of study!! All other degrees take only 2-4 years for completion. Take an MBA as example... it takes just 2 years (if you include the undergraduation, then a total of 6). But you wont need to tudy more ever. The amount of arrrogance these two years generate in an MBA isnt hidden from anybody.
Yet we have the audacity to tell docs that they know nothing, to question their treatment, to stop medication midway because we feel like!!
I agree that there may be some doctors who charge exorbitantly high fees and loot the patients... here is where you have to take your decisions... which doctors to go to, whether to go for a second opinion or not, what tests are absolutely necessary, which diagnostic centres provide value for money etc. Simply saying 'I wont go to a doc', is taking the easy way out, and the only person harmed is YOU... 'coz doctors have enough business without you anyway!!

P.S: I am not a doc... In fact I am a soon to be MBA ( and an arrogant one at that!!)